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Our first annual Halloween "Haunted Train", October 24-31, 2008, was a great success.  
NP 207412 was originally built in 1922 as a 2 bay hopper for Wilcox Co.  Its purchase by the Northern Pacific in 1930 made it among the first 49 hoppers owned by the railroad.  The NP renumbered it to NP 70025 until it was rebuilt for company sand service in 1957.  It had several successive owners until Clyde Byrum  donated it to the NPRY Museum.  It was trucked from Mount Vernon to Toppenish on September 19, 2008.  Future plans are to remove the roof and restore the hoppers to its original configuration as NP 70025.
The museum is working with the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association to sponsor museum workdays along with a historical lecture three times a year.  Come and spend a weekend volunteering, meet people interested in the NP, and enjoy a dinner followed by some NP history.  Click for details


On October 25, 2006, NP 2152 was loaded onto trucks in Auburn, WA, and on October 26 it was delivered to the Museum in Toppenish.  It will enter the restoration  shop as soon as NP 1364 comes out.  Cosmetic work will be done as time allows in the interim.

Allan Manson and Rick Leach with lettering of NP 50409, applied on work/history weekend April 14-15, 2007.  See Phil Edminster's page for other work completed on the first weekend. 

NP 2152 is on live track for the first time in nearly 50 years.
January 2006 The sale of several TSWR assets and several significant donations make the future of the of the museum much brighter.

 December 2005 Another very successful Toy Train Christmas entertained many fans young and old.  The board votes to further expand the event next year.

November 2005 All appeals to save the White Swan operations of the TSWR go for naught and the assets of TSWR are sold or are for sale.  The TSWR in effect becomes a paper company.  The YVR&S board votes to keep the museum open with an expansion of events at the museum.  Hopefully with full attention now devoted to the museum, new events can help to replace the loss of the TSWR operations.  Last freight by the TSWR was on December 20, 2005.

January 2005 Yakima County Commissioners go against their professional staff recommendation and award the White Swan Line back to the Temple family.

December 2004 Our first "Toy Train Christmas" was a great success.

November 7,2004, Yakima County sends a fax to TSWR that the White Swan Line will be put up for bid with criteria favoring another railroad.  

October 2004 The BNSF names our Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad the regional shortline of the year.

November 16, 2004 Construction of new track in front of depot begins.  The new track is planned to allow passengers to load directly from the depot platform.  The extension into railroad park also allows equipment to be placed adjacent to the park for events such as Whistlestop.

10/23/2004  The cab of 1364 is finished and permanently installed on the locomotive.

2/5/03 After 600 man hours of volunteer labor spread out over 3 months the turntable is loaded and ready to move.  It is on a total of 5 flat cars with the bridge on one with two idler cars as shown in the picture plus two more cars loaded with rail, ties, turntable tower, etc.  The move is tentatively scheduled for approximately 9 AM on Saturday February 8.

11/8/02  NP 642 Mann McCann ballast spreader file added to website

9/15/02 BNSF has donated the old Northern Pacific turntable in Yakima.  Work begins on removal of the turntable.

6/6/02 New hours announced for the Northern Pacific Railway Museum.  Now open 5 days a week through October; Wednesday to Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM and Sunday Noon to 4 PM.

6/4/02 Fundraising dinner announced: special guest speaker Doyle McCormick of SP 4449 fame.  See Special Events.



2/8/2003  The BNSF pulls a special train from the Yakima Yard to Toppenish.  All turntable components are on board other than a few pieces that were hauled by trailer ahead of time.


12/5/02  115' Yakima NP turntable removed from the pit and placed on flatcar for transportation to Toppenish











10/24/02 Turntable control house removed.

4/15/02 Construction of new tender tank for the 1364 begins.
3/26/02 Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad, Inc. is formed as a wholly owned for profit subsidiary of the Yakima Valley Rail & Steam Museum Association. 5/19/02 Northern Pacific flat car NP 207564 arrives at the museum.  Thanks to Greg Bond and the Oregon Electric Railway members for their help.

2/16/2002 Opening dedication of new 3300' spur line into Yakima Forest Products.

10/12/2001  Construction on the new spur into Yakama Forest Products begins.  A Washington State Department of Transportation grant of $754,020 was matched by $488,000 from the Yakama Indian Nation to finance the $1.25 million dollar bridge and track into the Yakama Forest Products lumber mill.  Completion is expected by March of 2002.  See article from the Department of Transportation "Express".

9/17/2001 Another new record long train for the TSWR (30 cars-- 27 empty log flats and 3 empty lumber cars).

9/8/20/2001 New record longest train for the TSWR (28 empty log flats and 1 empty lumber car).

8/10/2001 TSWR inbound freight car count reaches 600 for the year.

8/9/2001 Handicap access sidewalk to yard completed.

7/26/2001 Retaining wall completed for track entering engine house.

7/19/2001 BNSF donates NP ice refrigeration car body to NPRY Museum.  The body will be used to help rebuild NP 90379.


8/2/2001 BNSF donates old Toppenish NP concrete kerosene shed to NPRY museum.  Moved to our yard.

5/31/2001:  New storage room constructed in the REA room -- can you see it?  See virtual tour

5/13/2001:  New Velocipede display with NP switch stand for kids to "throw the switch" -- See virtual tour.

5/9/2001:  "Whistlestop" music festival announced for August 25, 2001 -- see Special Events

5/5/2001:  New Northern Pacific China display -- See virtual tour.


6/9/2001    1940 NP 50409 drop bottom gondola arrives thanks to the cooperation of the Minnesota Transportation Museum.  It will serve to demonstrate the Northwest coal industry.

4/24/2001:  New record -- longest freight train for the TSWR -- 14 cars.

4/21/2001:  New Website first published on internet.


5/1/2001: New record -- longest freight train for the TSWR--24 cars.

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